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First Impressions Media helps people like you make smart decisions about their advertising.The best thing you can do is reach out to me to talk directly about your challenges.

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How Can I Help You Today?

Giving You A Boost When You Need it

Yes you would do it all yourself. If you just had more time. 
What can you hand off to experienced hands that will make
today better for you?

Dennis, I'd really love some help with our Radio, TV, On-Line, Newspaper, Magazine, Outdoor etc. campaign.

Say the word. I am thrilled to lend a hand to get YOU to
the next level.

My Services

Media Consultation   Media Planning    Media Buying

We are not the same agency to every client. Media Plans are not cookie-cuttered, but customised to fit your needs.

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Media Consultation

How Can I Help You?

Before you jump into a new relationship, you want to see how you'll get along.
Is it the right chemistry?
The same vibe?
Will I like working with this media guy? 

A Consultation Project could be a great start for both of us.

Media Planning

You've found a Planner who plans what to buy, and a Buyer who buys what he planned.

Any budget is a lot of money.

Today there's no shortage of media choices.  Shop harder and spend smarter. As your buyer, I do everything I can to keep your exposure up and your blood pressure down.

Media Buying

Didn't that feel good to hand it off to 3 decades of secure, experienced hands.

Now we buy what we planned and what you approved. We deliver IMPACT within your guidelines of budget, geography, time and space. Protecting your budget and delivering guaranteed value!

STAND OUT without Sticking Out

Let's Get Started

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A FREE, 5 Dozen Plus tips
delivered to you by e-mail.

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A Desk-Top Media Director book of 50 Plus tips honed from 30 years experience

Exclusive to this site is a 3 CD and 46 Page E-Book sharing hands-on tips to QUICKLY refine your campaigns.
HUGE Value!!

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More than 30 Articles enjoyed by over 6 Dozen E-Publishers.


Media Library with sell sheets for several media platforms.


An e-mail series of Ten (10) messages identifying Critical Mistakes and How To Avoid Them.

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Your Super Seven Essential Fundamental Tips.

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Proper Planning Makes All The Difference. A template to help you get set-up before you open your wallet.

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The best part about choosing where to advertise is there is SO MUCH to pick from!

The scariest part about choosing where to advertise is there is SO MUCH to pick from!!

Your Advertising Costs HOW MUCH?

WOW, That's a lot.  Did it work?  Do You Know?

Your Media Buy is probably your biggest investment besides payroll.  That's a lot of your money. No matter how much.

You want, ...no you NEED this ad campaign to work.

Raise Awareness. Spark Interest. Create Desire. Take Action.

Preferred Action?..Customers
Buy Your product.  Get that sales cycle going.

But Where to advertise?
How Much to spend?
For How Long?

Who should see your ad?

Before you open your wallet, we should chat. Every ad budget dollar is precious. Don't spend them yet.

You want those funds to be entrusted to experienced hands. 
You want instant talent you can count on.

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  • Because YOU don't want to be 'ripped-off' or made to feel silly in front of those ad sales reps. (Because I'm looking after you)

  • Because YOU don't want to look foolish, especially when you're promised the moon and the stars if you'll only advertise with them.

  • Because YOU don't want to discover after the fact how expensive it was to do Media Buying by yourself.


  • Because Your job does not include you having to navigate and fear getting lost in the ever expanding media jungle.

  • Because Your advertising is vital to Your future.  

  • It's Your lifeline. It's Your key to unlocking new business.


Because YOU belong in First Place.

First Impressions Media.

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First Impressions Media

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