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Testimonial: 57 Media Spikes is the skillful distillation of 30 years of working in the Canadian Media world and covers all aspects of old media,
new media and everything in between.

It's a guide that every media and marketing professional should have on their desk.
Terry Coster - President -

Coster Media - Toronto, Canada

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  • When you don't have time for daily e-mails.
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     THIS BOOK is what you want

  • When you don't have another 30 years to learn all this from personal experience.
  • When you want to know where the media money goes when your buyer spends your budget.
  • When you want to know WHY:
  •  WHY you need to stop advertising right now.
  •  WHY you need to be Testing always
  •  WHY you are advertising and why you should
  •  WHY your ads will cost the same whether they work or not

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