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You will want to see why #4 has been around for 100+ years.

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Essential Tips You Need To Know Before You Open Your Wallet!

1. Remember that your advertising is your LIFELINE.

It is vital to your future and to your present survival.
No-one, but NO-ONE will buy anything from you if they don't know you exist.

Self promotion can be difficult for many advertisers as it sounds like bragging.

Get past that. If you have a product or service which provides a genuine solution
to people's pain, challenges, discomfort, you have every right and an obligation to say...
I can help.

2. Yes everyone wants 'a deal', everything cheap. But the price to be paid is the quality of customer you attract. You don't have to break the bank in your advertising, you just need to buy smarter. Do some Testing. Find out on a small scale what works.
TRUST ME- this is THE MOST VITAL STEP in all your advertising. Testing.

It's the only way to truly find out what works.

3. Be realistic in your objectives. Too many advertisers of all sizes have spent modest amounts on any and all types of media and messages and expect the ad to make them an instant money machine. Ie: I put in $100, it should give me back $100,000 with no effort, right?

Ultimately you want to achieve that kind of Return On Investment. But we want you to be prepared to take the time to get there and spend smartly.

4. The best definition coined for advertising was 'Salesmanship In Print'
( attributed to  John E. Kennedy in 1904) and it remains unchanged. Your message in Print (or TV, Radio, On-Line, Newspaper, Magazines, Outdoor etc.) needs to convey a benefit(s) that the reader is expecting to receive by using your product or hiring you. Unless you are a well established brand who can get-by on good looks and image alone, Don't just run a picture of your logo.  Create a message that tells what you do and why what you do is going to help that reader.

5. We know you need to sell your Widgets.

Please make sure you give yourself ample budget to get your message out there.  You should devote 75% to 80% of your ad budget to the purchase of your ad space.  Yes media costs are expensive. In all media. But the media is carrying the freight.

They are delivering your fancy, well crafted message to hundreds, perhaps thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands of potential buyers. Make sure you give yourself a chance to be seen and acted on. Several years back, a creative director shared with me that one client made so many revisions and changes to the creative message that when he finally liked it and it came time to run the ad, he had no budget left to buy the media. Don't let that happen to you.

6. Don't open your wallet to any ad sales person who ambles in the door. They are mostly very nice people. But their intent is to separate you from your money as regularly as possible without having to prove their media is working. Before you commit to a campaign of any length or substance, try it out on a small scale. 
If your ad has the right appeal, provides a solution, gives a call to action, then you should see results quickly and not have to be out there months on end to initiate trial.

7. Unless your pockets are very deep, don't try to appear everywhere when starting out. You will dilute your own brand by a having a lacklustre presence in everything rather than a strong robust presence in one or two media to start. 
Build a strong foundation of media platforms and build out from there as your resources allow.