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How to Hire First Impressions Media

Every client's needs are different.


At First Impressions Media, we recognize that - and  just as our media plans are tailor-made for your products and services, so too would be our working relationship.


You might only need us for a short period, to help you with a specific promotional challenge. In those circumstances, a project fee can often be the most prudent arrangement.


Alternately, your requirement may need a more hands-on  and comprehensive level of service.

That could include the full package of media planning (including Research) media buying, (including negotiations), scheduling, blocking charts, financial spreadsheets, performance summaries and tearsheets/affadavits.

In short, a Customised Media Plan.

And, of course, in certain circumstances, media payments to suppliers, plus account reconciliations. 

          Most of our clients find this requirement is often best achieved by a Monthly Retainer agreement - or on occasions, with a commission, fee or hybrid working relationship.


Whatever the need may be, it is important for you to know, that right from day one, our focus will be you.


Based on your brief, we review what is best for you. What you need. When you need it.


And our detailed proposals will showcase how we plan to deliver all those key elements to your specific timings and budgets.

This is what hiring an Experienced Media Planner will do for you.

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Whatever you might need,
First Impressions Media, is here for you - and our proven and flexible service can be tailored exactly to your needs and budgets.

Why not give us a try?

The first step is so simple and easy to arrange.


We could meet in person (geography permitting) or have an initial discussion by phone or e-mail, at a time to suit your busy diary.

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