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     In April 2017, our client, IMPROVE Canada was hosting their Grand Opening of the

single biggest Home Improvement Warehouse in Canada.

     This 320,000 Square Foot mall became home to 400 home improvement retailers

all under one enormous roof.

     Rather than criss-cross the city searching for lights and carpets and tile and roofing

and furniture and countertops and windows and doors, you can make ONE stop and

get it all.

     In support of this, we purchased multiple radio stations for several weeks profiling the New Building and vendors. We  delved deeper into a buffet of in store choices through impressive newspaper ads.  Our biggest push came from our out of home campaign.

     We began a Transit Shelter campaign of over 100 faces fully six months before the Grand Opening to build awareness and excitement for this new PERMANENT HOME SHOW.

     Our strategy was to stretch the budget through four week flight. These were composed of Two Weeks Paid and Two Weeks Bonus.

     Two months into this campaign, we added 75 Horizontal 10' X 20' Paper Posters so our presence saturated the city.

     Our strategic spend and deployment resulted in amazing savings and BONUSES.

    Our pre-Opening campaigns from August through March delivered a staggering 374.2 MILLION Impressions. Fully 36.9% (138 Million) were NO Charge Bonuses.

     Our negotiated savings and Bonus were valued at $399,192 which was over
4 Times the amount actually spent. We had a very happy client.

$399,192 BONUS

$399,192 Bonus To Support New Store Opening