Creating Powerful, Efficient, Customised Media Plans For Over 30 Years.


Direct Mail

Too often overlooked and underutilized. Direct mail, when done well, can deliver the best response to your sales pitch. Powerful persuasive copy is at the heart of every ad. Long before technology shortened every message to initials, Direct Mail was winning hearts and making sales.
It still does. Don't neglect this classic and still relevant method of reaching your target group. Everyone loves a good letter from a friend. Become a good letter writer.

Media Buffet - Endless Options

The New Frontier- Digital has arrived turning us into a 24/7 Globe. Advertise on websites. Link to other sites. Sites for news, weather, sports, fashions, business....pick a topic and you can be there.

The now extensive tentacles of multiple social media platforms add a new dimension allowing you to live and breathe and inhabit your customers life if you wish. Your world on a keyboard.





Continually the most IMPACT ALL AT ONCE media, but this superior blanket coverage comes with corresponding dominant costs. Television continues to evolve and re-emerge as both a campaign leader and a strong supporter to many multi-media campaigns.

Powerful. Eyeball Stoppers. Bold Intrusive, colourful displays on highways and in the cities. You can be horizontal or vertical. Street level or on top of buildings. Use a Wall Mural or Wrap a Bus or a Train. Excellent extensions of TV or Magazine or other media. Incredibly strong as stand-alone media. Quick frequency builder, reinforcing a message.
Short Message. Big Impact. They Work.

Readers remain passionate  about their magazines. A warm friend who visits each month, and then hangs around for about 6 more.
Magazines give you more space to detail your services, showcase your creative brilliance, or stimulate a sale.
You also build immense loyalty through a 'halo' effect. If the magazine you're in is well liked and respected, you will be too by virtue of association.

PLUS:  The list is never complete. You can appear in elevators and on subway transfers, underground parking garages and yellow pages, taxi tops and golf courses, grocery carts and washroom stalls, sports programs and theatre programs, sports arenas and coffee-cup holders, floor decals and newspaper inserts, matchbook covers, cement mixer bowls and fitness club change rooms, and grocery checkout dividers, and stair-risers and hot air balloons, and the
list continues.......

On-Line & Digital


Ever powerful, portable, Theatre of the Mind, you can select from an estimated 1,200 Radio stations in Canada and nearly 700 are private commercial broadcasters.
Radio goes where others never reach....between the ears.

Daily, weekly, full tabloid, broadsheet, community papers, commuter reads, or special interest Newspapers. We just can't get enough of the written word. Newspapers offer the flexibility of both broad reach and narrow targeting as you require.

They remain an indispensable ally for many retailers to stimulate quick response.


Where To Captain? Sometimes your media choices will deliver

you clear sailing right to your customers.

Other times, if you're not cautious, the wrong choice will

exhaust your budget and leave you adrift.

So again Captain, Where would you like to go?

Okay Dennis - you're the media guy, what is there to pick from?

Okay- Hold on 'cause here we go!