Creating Powerful, Efficient, Customised Media Plans For Over 30 Years.

My media negotiations will save you more than it costs to hire me. Guaranteed.100%.
Investing in me is your  best investment.

You have a big decision to make. One that could affect your company and career for a long time. Hiring anyone, especially someone to whom you have to entrust money, is a daunting role.

This individual could be with you for a long time.
You want to make certain you've done due diligence in checking them out.

Looked up their history. Who they worked with.
Who else has hired them. Did they do good work?

So please - check me out.  I'd expect nothing less.

You are warmly invited to my Proof & History page where I'm glad to share commentary from numerous agencies, clients and people I've worked with through the years.


Additional Services
Separately or in collaboration with your creative and production teams I offer
• Production Assistance

• Ad Trafficking -for Print, Broadcast and On-Line     
• Reconciliations - Tearsheets- Affadavits -
Proof of Performance

Media Buying
Knowing the strategy and planning behind it, ensures nothing is lost in the hand-off because now I am buying what I planned.

Media Strategy
You receive recommendations of which media combinations will best serve your purposes, within the limits of budget, geography, time and space.

Media Planning
You receive the services of an experienced Planner who Plans what to Buy, and a Buyer who Buys what he planned.

...in answer to those thoughtful answers,  I provide Solutions for YOU from a menu of Media Services. You can hire these disciplines separately, or in combination- depending on what best helps you.

An experienced buyer at the helm. I want him/her responsible and prepared to make a decision, and keep me in the loop.

I want to know what's going on so there are no surprises, but I don't have time for handholding. Get me a professional who can get the job done.

A smart negotiator who brings me value and new creative solutions and not just a rehash from last year.

The responses included....

When we asked.........

When we asked...What do YOU
need to make your next Media Buy better than the last one

I want to hand this off with confidence knowing my buyer is treating my budget as if it was his own money.