6.2 Million Extra Impressions

     Niagara-On-The-Lake is among the most picturesque villages you could encounter in all your worldly travels.
     Quaint, unpretentious, and post-card worthy, it is a welcome destination and respite from a busy schedule anytime of the year.
     An area which thrives on, and relies on Tourism, it puts on a fresh face every season and welcomes you to share the splendour of nature which surrounds them.

     The request of the newly appointed President of the Chamber of Commerce was to make his first Christmas in this role a memorable one. Show off how to Celebrate The Season from end of November to end of January.

     We were up for the challenge and implemented an integrated, multi-media, visually stunning campaign that would drive traffic in this most festive season.
     A combination of Outdoor Bulletin 10' X 36' Ads to capture traffic coming North from Buffalo, as well as over four dozen life-sized, eye-level, backlit, 24/7 salesforces in the form of Transit Shelters covered multiple Ontario feeder markets.

    We bolstered this with timely Newspaper banner ads each week in a major daily Newspaper which served as visual reminders and provided online and phone number connections.

     People are always on the move and especially as December and holidays draw near. We utilized several format Radio stations to provide information and sponsorship to our huge target audience for four weeks. This ran concurrent with our Outdoor and Newspaper campaigns.

      Taking advantage of On-Line opportunities, we unleashed a two week Facebook campaign as well as a quarter of a million e-mail blasts to our Digital Radio Subscribers.

      It proved an enormously successful campaign as hotels and restaurants were full and thriving and shops enjoyed tremendous season traffic.
      The integration of all these media resulted in greater than estimated performances and we delivered
6.2 Million EXTRA impressions than planned.
  And ....we did it on 19% less budget than was originally provided.

     We gave our client a very good reason to Celebrate The Season

6.2 Million Extra Impressions

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