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Secret #5 will more than pay for your investment many times over

The author grabs you by the eyeballs, and through over
4 dozen doses of How To's and Why's and Why Not's, he demonstrates, in bite size segments, how smart media planning and buying is THE most vital element to your campaign's success.

And Much Much more with FIVE additional Secrets that your competitors haven't even dreamed of trying.

The Incredible influence of Words in Secret # 1 to persuade, motivate and sell with The Power of 26.

Secret #6 - Reveals THE POWER of being Different and why you can't afford to look like everyone else

In Secret #3 - Discover the Importance of Testing

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First Impressions Media

Your Advertising. Well Planned. Well Spent. GUARANTEED!

Price : $197 (Cdn.) plus HST

Nine Secrets is a 3 CD set with over two hours of author narrative of Nine Key secrets you can use TODAY to Improve Your Advertising.

Based on 3 Decades of Dennis Kelly's work at the media helm of multiple ad agencies, these CD's, plus an in-depth guide will reveal to you....

You are quite correct. It does look like the e-mail series.

It was built upon it. But the book is in your hands much faster than 12 week of daily e-mails. You can read it without being tied to your laptop or other device. And it includes illustrations, and additional Links and BONUSES reserved exclusively for the Book Buyers (That's you!)

57 Media Spikes- Uncorking The Media Genie reveals hands-on, battle tested, media planning and buying tips and strategies to not only save more of your precious marketing funds, BUT- how to spend them smarter.

On Amazon's Best Seller List

PLUS - A Bonus of nine simple assignments for you to unearth amazing opportunities of your own design to improve your advertising.