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I look forward to working with Dennis again and highly-recommend him to any of my contacts.

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I have made dozens of clients happy with effective, creative, smart media plans and buys which deliver impact and save money.  Their Proof and my Guarantee and scope of services are here.

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Today there are SO MANY Media Choices.
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  • Because YOU don't want to be 'ripped-off' or made to feel silly in front of those ad sales reps. (Because I'm looking after you)
  • Because YOU don't want to look foolish, especially when you're promised the moon and the stars if you'll only advertise with them.
  • Because YOU don't want to discover after the fact how expensive it was to do Media Buying by yourself.


  • Because Your job does not include you having to navigate and fear getting lost in the ever expanding media jungle.
  • Because Your advertising is vital to Your future.  
  • It's Your lifeline. It's Your key to unlocking new business.

Because YOU belong in First Place.
First Impressions Media.

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The temptation is always there to be all things to all people. However noble and admirable, that can be an undoing and undermine the skill set you were hired for.  Multiple times I have called in my creative and production teams to help me out. I need to bring in the best support services I can to better serve each client.

The response to these Iconic images was unprecedented. For some their ad campaign was a Treasure Hunt. Others longed to understand Forecasting and Measuring campaign performance.
Still others craved to learn how to spend smarter.

Truly I want to see you succeed. Being a professional planner and buyer for 3 decades plus has been my livelihood.
I want to continue to use this experience and expertise to help you have the best campaign possible. Nothing thrills me more than to come back to you with incremental savings, a negotiated bonus, and an unexpected perk that puts 'the media buy' on a different level of value.  I know how precious those ad dollars are and I work hard for you, to extract every cent of value I can from all your media platforms. While you're out there on centre stage, I've got your back, waiting in the wings.

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I don't want you to miss the chance to have 30 years experience in e-Book and CD form to refer to as often as you need. For a short time, this bundle is being offered at an astoundingly low $97.00.

That's a $100 saving from the last advertised price. This discount can be repealed at any time. Don't miss this special savings opportunity. Three (3) CD's and hard copy are sent directly to the home or office address of your choice. While you wait, a PDF version can be downloaded after purchase.
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The best part about choosing where to advertise is there is SO MUCH to pick from!

The scariest part about choosing where to advertise is there is SO MUCH to pick from!!

In the majority, they are great people. I have wonderful relationships for decades with several sales professionals.  But remember, their job is to sell you their ad space/time. Your job is to ensure you are buying the right media at the right price.  Here are some FREE Helping Hands.

It has been my privilege to offer some FREE educational materials throughout this website. Every client, whether they hire me or not, deserves to understand better about the nuances of media without always having to open the wallet. 
I know I am not always the right agency for all clients. That doesn't mean I can't be of assistance along the way. 
If my book and e-books and articles lead you to a smarter media spend, then I'm thrilled to be a contributor.

I have been a steward of Advertising Budgets for over 30 Years. Nothing is booked without your signed authorisation ahead of time. Every campaign comes with a Post Buy reconciliation.

 Your Media Buy is probably your biggest investment besides payroll.  That's a lot of your money. No matter how much.

You want, ...no you NEED this ad campaign to work.
Raise Awareness. Spark Interest. Create Desire. Take Action.

Preferred Action?..Buy Your product.  Get that sales cycle going.

But Where to advertise? How Much to spend? For How Long?

Who should see your ad?

Before you open your wallet, we should chat. Every ad budget dollar is precious. Don't spend them yet.

You want those funds to be entrusted to experienced hands. 
You want instant talent you can count on.

Radio remains the most enduring of all media. As a stand alone buy or part of a mix, Radio is always a powerful media choice.

First Impressions Media helps people like you make smart decisions about their advertising.  The best thing you can do is to reach out to us directly to talk about your challenges. But you may want to do some research first by Clicking on the various HelpLine links provided.

You Have More Questions?

Give Your Ad Plans a 30 Year Head Start.  An easy to follow template to shave years off the learning curve.

Instant Free Downloads Before You Talk To Any Advertising Sales Representative

Discover Key Insights on How To Improve Your Advertising from our Media Library

How I Have Helped Clients Like You

This is YOUR  campaign. I want to make sure you have all the information necessary to make a great decision before buying any media.

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If you missed the FREE downloads offered above, please don't miss the offer Private Media Lessons

A Good Media Buyer Should Elevate Your Brand And Lower Your Blood Pressure

Empower Through Education

You Can Read As Loud As You Like. These single page volumes bring learning to your laptop.

First Impressions Media is dedicated to educating YOU about all the media opportunities around you.   We are happy to 'give away' lots of our media knowledge to boost your confidence.

We want to arm you with strategies and tips for advertising in Radio, in Newspaper, in Magazines, On-Line, on Television, on Out of Home and in other platforms as they emerge.

What Sets Us Apart

I am much more substance than flash, but you could tell that just by being here, couldn't you?

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If You Think It's Expensive To Hire a Professional, Hire An Amateur First

This is YOUR Campaign. My role is to help you make the best media decisions possible, based on where you are in your current marketing journey.  Quite simply I am here to serve you.

Creating Powerful, Efficient, Customised Media Plans For Over 30 Years.

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