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You bring your own set of wants to the table everyday.

Dozens, maybe hundreds or more vendors trying everyday to sell you something they think you need, but they're not really what you want.

You will find resources on and connected to this site which will be
of excellent media planning and buying assistance to you.
Of that, I have no doubt.

But maybe there's something else you want?  I could guess for days
or weeks and be no closer. Maybe lobbing out answers to questions
you didn't even ask yet, but that can only muddle the issue.

So to get you started, here's a few contenders of questions.
You can use these, or modify to fit your wants.

Dennis, what I really want from you is....

* I want  media tips, help, a checklist, to keep me on the right track

* Would love an on-line Webinar where you walk through different media and the pros and cons of each one

* I want a solid plan which uses my budget smartly, treats me with respect and helps sell my product or service

* Would love for you to offer an on-line course, or series of DVD's on media planning & buying. Then I could refer to it often

* I don't want to have much to do with this media stuff.  I want a 'Done For Me Plan' from start to finish. I will give initial briefing, be available for questions, but all I want to do is approve the plan and sign the cheque.

*Dennis, what I really want from you is......
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