Creating Powerful, Efficient, Customised Media Plans For Over 30 Years.

Why?  What Are You Going To Do For Me That I Can't Do Myself?

Are You A Do It Yourselfer?  ...

Oh yes. Like you, I love that feeling of a project successfully completed. However, also like you,
I learned when I've....
waded out of my depth for home repairs, it's time contact the professionals.
Just because I can do some of it, doesn't mean I should tackle all of it.  
A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing.

I'm looking for the talent who I can hand the tools to and say, 'Finish it for me. Tell me what you're going to do.
Tell me how much it will cost, then get started.'
That's exactly where I come in for your media planning.

You can hand off your project with confidence knowing I have the tools and talent to solve your media challenges.  I will build you a customised, creative, efficient, targeted media plan and you won't hit your
thumb with a hammer.
I am a Pain Killer.

Why Hire First Impressions Media? Because I am your Professional Ad Shopper.
Entrusted with your budget to negotiate for the best value in the most relevant media to deliver your
sales message to the right audience at the right time.

A Good Media Buyer Should Elevate Your Brand and Lower Your Blood Pressure

30 Years of Experience in One Helpful Book- Your Desktop Media Director

Here's what I'll do.

Maybe you want to
do a test run or trial
before going any
further. That's a great

idea. Then consider

this my 57 Tips
Sample Pack.

57 Media Spikes will show you my experience, strategies, philosophies and my style much better than a 10 minute pitch in your boardroom.

You can 'Try Me Out' in Paperback.

From my website @ $29.57 Cdn.

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You want the guy that 'Wrote The Book'

You've just won that new piece of business and need some media help for this client.

• The client loved your reel, and you answered YES when they asked if you could handle the media.

• Your current team is overworked and you need to take the pressure off.

• You're a dynamic creative shop but media is not your strong suit.

• You've got a couple of great, small, but growing accounts and you don't want them to get lost in a huge faceless downtown media shop.

You Want First Impressions Media

You Want Some Experience at the Helm

At 30+ Years, This is WHAT I DO.

You need some new thinking and strategy for the next campaign.

That's exactly why I'm here.

You want to get all this media stuff off your plate so you
can do what you do best.

Perfect. Media is what I do best.

You don't want to get lost in a big shop.

You are always a big client to me and you'll always receive my
complete professional attention

The whole world is On-Line now. Doesn't anyone remember how to plan
and buy Radio and TV and Magazines and Outdoor and Newspapers?

There are mainstays for many campaigns, and I'm thrilled to continue to use
them to great effect.

You love your creative team's creative, but they're missing the media
part in their services.

You're a bit jaded after your last agency missed deadlines or made choices
you didn't like but were stuck with.

OR: you've been secretly hoping to change agencies without a lot of fanfare 
but wanted a proven ACE up your sleeve before you made the switch.

You Want First Impressions Media

They are your designated professional shopper. One who works with you to develop
​your ideal shopping list, and helps you fulfill on your objectives.

These may include:

• where you want to advertise

• when you want to advertise

• helping you set budget or maximizing budget allocation

• determining your best audiences and using their media habits to best advantage

How To Decide Choices Including:

• should you use Radio & Newspaper

• perhaps Transit Shelters with some Direct Mail

• is now the year you try some Social Media vehicles to extend your reach

• maybe a series of flyers sent by Trade Publications

• some high profile TV and maybe some Outdoor Posters near the retail locations.

What's The Right Solution for You?
You want someone who's done all this, and knows how to save you lots of time,
money, grief and frustration.

                   You Want First Impressions Media

Why Hire First Impressions Media? If You're A Creative Agency...

Why Hire First Impressions Media? If You're An Advertiser...

What Does

A Media Buyer Do?

What Does A Media Buyer Do?
Why Would We Hire You?