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You Instantly Have Access To 30 Years of
In The Trenches, Hands On,
Media Planning & Buying Experience

You worked too hard to hand off that
Media Budget of yours
to unknown, junior talent.

You want talent that burned the
midnight oil saving you money creating....

  • A local or National Radio Buy.
  • Integrating Outdoor Posters and Television Schedules for a Powerful visual campaign.
  • Negotiating Exclusive newspaper positions commanding ownership of page/section.
  • Merging On-Line Big Boxes/Leaderboards with ads in Cinema.
  • Uniting Consumer and Trade Magazines, plus Outdoor Transit Shelters and TV campaign
    to deliver unprecedented, continuous 3 month multi-market campaign.

  • You get an Experienced Problem Solver.
    The cost of hiring me is A LOT LESS than the cost of your problem.

  • You bring in Instant Pain Relief knowing you can hand off this media buying detail with confidence
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