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When All You Want To Do Is Get It Right.

57 Media Spikes The BOOK is Your Solution

  • When you don't have time for daily e-mails.

  • When you want to read and re-read on your time.

  • When you want to read 'A Book' and not another e-mail.

  • When you want help from and Experienced Media Planner


  • When you want more than one media tip a day.

  • When you want insider information of thinking, strategy, upsides and downsides of Media Planning and Buying-

     THIS BOOK is what you want


  • When you don't have another 30 years to learn all this from personal experience.

  • When you want to know where the media money goes when your buyer spends your budget.

  • When you want to see what it takes to make a customized media plan.

  • When you want to know WHY:

  •  WHY you need to stop advertising right now.

  •  WHY you need to be Testing always

  •  WHY you are advertising and why you should

  •  WHY your ads will cost the same whether they work or not

57 Media Spikes Book Cover.png

International Reviews of 57 Media Spikes

Canadian 57 Media Spikes Uncorking The M

Haven't You Waited Long Enough?  Order  Your Copy Now  Only $17.77 for 30 Years of Instant Help.

U.S. Reviews of 57 Media Spikes Uncorkin
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