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Frequently...and not so frequently asked Questions?


Of course it's about the money.

Spending $1.00 to bring back $2.00

Pick as many multipliers as you like,
the essence remains unchanged.

Make a sale so you have enough to make more of what you're selling.
Rinse and Repeat.

So Why A Hire A Media Buyer?

If your buyer can spend .80¢ and bring you back $2.50, instead of the above math, would you hire him?


What if that same buyer took this problem off your plate, delivered a powerful media solution to kill the pain you're feeling and saved you more money than it cost to hire him? 

What would that kind of Relief be worth to you?


That's what I thought.
That's why you should  click Here now, so you can start feeling better.

What About The Money?


What Media Can I Pick From?


Where To Captain?

Sometimes your media choices will deliver

you clear sailing right to your customers.

Other times, if you're not cautious, the wrong
choice will exhaust your budget and leave you adrift.

So again Captain, Where would you like to go?

Okay Dennis - you're the media guy, what is there
to pick from?

Happily, the Media Buffet is extensive-

Take a Look Here

What Does a Media Buyer Do?

They are your designated professional shopper.

One who works with you to develop your ideal shopping list, and helps you fulfill on your objectives.


These may include:

• where you want to advertise

• when you want to advertise

• helping you set budget or maximizing budget allocation

• determining your best audiences and using their media habits to best advantage


How To Decide Choices Including:

  • should you use Radio & Newspaper

  • perhaps Transit Shelters with some Direct Mail

  • is now the year you try some Social Media vehicles to extend your reach

  • maybe a series of flyers sent by Trade Publications

  • some high profile TV and maybe some Outdoor Posters near the retail locations.

  • do you consider a sponsorship

  • how about an experiential campaign

What's In It For You If You Hire
First Impressions Media?

You Instantly Have Access To 30 Years of
In The Trenches, Hands On,
Media Planning & Buying Experience

You've worked too hard to hand off that Media Budget of yours to a junior just cutting their media teeth.

You want talent that burned the
midnight oil saving you money creating....

  • A local or National Radio Buy.

  • Integrating Outdoor Posters and Television Schedules for a Powerful visual campaign.

  • Negotiating Exclusive newspaper positions commanding ownership of page/section.

  • Merging On-Line Big Boxes/Leaderboards with ads in Cinema.

  • Uniting Consumer and Trade Magazines, plus Outdoor Transit Shelters and TV campaign
    to deliver unprecedented, continuous 3 month multi-market campaign.

  • You get an Experienced Problem Solver.
    The cost of hiring me is A LOT LESS than the cost of your problem.

  • You enjoy Instant Pain Relief knowing you can hand off this media buying detail with confidence.

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